Temporal Twist
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Temporal Twist is an application to permanently alter the play speed of audio files. This is similar to the "Play Speed" control in some media players however a new audio file is produced which when played in any compatible player will sound faster.

Why would you want to do this?

Audio books and magazines are normally read at a relatively comfortable speed for most humans to listen to in a relaxed manner. However if the listener is prepared to concentrate a bit harder they can listen to it at closer to conversational speed after adjusting the tempo (or play speed) of the audio recording.

What about the chipmunks?

The chipmunk voices are caused by adjusting the pitch of the recording. Temporal Twist only adjusts the tempo of it. The voice sounds he same as before just faster.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 February 2010 19:05
  • Temporal Twist Release:

    Temporal Twist version has been released.

  • About Temporal Twist

    Temporal Twist is a small application written in C# by Sean Garrett to adjust the tempo of digital audio files. Like many Open Source applications it was written to scratch an itch: too many things to listen to and not enough time to do so.

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